Criteria and Attainments

The aim of J G Swimming is to produce confident, competent swimmers.  Our first priority is safety.  Our second is that the children learn to enjoy the water.  Children learn everything  better when they are happy and confident.  Strokework is important and many of our children go on to be club/competition swimmers. 


This is what we aim to achieve in each level:

Parent and Toddler: Building up a confident happy little swimmer to be.  Lots of fun, noise and splashing.  Normally able to swim a few strokes, face in by the end!!



Absolute Beginner: Quite often this would be their first visit to a pool. For the nervous and young beginner.

Aim is: Happy in the water, able to put their faces in, blow bubbles.  Jump into the water aided.  Able to kick across the pool on front and back holding floats.  Some will be swimming a few strokes by the end of this course.  BADGE: WATERSKILLS 1


Beginner: Progression from the Absolute Beginner or for those who are happy in the water but not had lessons.

Aim: Able to jump in unaided, submerge, pick up objects from the bottom of the pool.  Swim 5 metres on front and kick 5 metres on back without aid.  Float unaided.  BADGE: 5 METRES.


Beginner Plus: Progression from Beginner

Aim: Able to swim 10 metres with face in.  Beginning to lift arms over the water,  lifting face to breathe  Swim 10 metres on back using arms and legs. Introducing  breastroke, able to swim 5m good style.  BADGE: 10 METRES


Intermediate: Aim: Beginning to turn head to the side to breathe in front crawl.  A good backstroke.  Now using both arms and legs in breastroke.  Visiting deep end and learning to tread water and water confidence. BADGE: WATERSKILLS 2


Intermediate Plus: Aim: To swim a length of the pool (15metres) with continuing work on all three strokes.  Lots of deep water work to increase confidence.  Beginning to dive.  BADGE: 15METRES AND WATERSKILLS 3.


Improvers:  Aim: Lots of stamina work.  Strokes can tend to deteriorate for the first week or so and then return when confidence in the pool and stamina increases. Able to swim 25m backstroke comfortably, 25m front crawl and breastroke, both in reasonable style.  BADGE: 25M


Improver Plus: Aim: Building on previous badge improving strokes and stamina, more work on diving.  BADGE 50M


Challenger: Aim: Able to swim 50m in each stroke in good style. BADGE:100/200M.



We also do snorkelling during the summer term and basic lifesaving and personal survival in the Autumn term.

Then, our job is done and our swimmers leave us!!

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